Scan Your IP Addresses to Improve Information Security

Vulnerability Scans are performed to evaluate computers, computer systems, networks, and/or applications for weaknesses that could lead to outside infiltration or security breaches. 

MegaplanIT’s Vulnerability Scanning Service uses a finely tuned protocol that goes beyond the basics to provide a profound level of security by focusing on locating entry points and vulnerable systems that might otherwise be missed.

MegaplanIT's skilled consultants will scour your company's websites and IT infrastructure to locate vulnerabilities, gaps, and potential penetration points. After a thorough evaluation of the current security level of your organization’s Internet services and externally facing systems, our specialists will educate your team about any discovered weaknesses and provide a detailed roadmap with options for remediation. 


Minimize Risks and Detect Vulnerabilities


The goal of Vulnerability Scanning is to examine networks connected to the Internet and identify visible hosts and potential network entry points that a real attacker could exploit. Our team begins by gathering information on the targeted systems, which we then analyze and leverage during the scanning phases. 



MegaplanIT’s process combines high-end vulnerability scanning with manual validation to perform a series of tests designed to simulate a network penetration and evaluate the rigidity and effectiveness of your organization’s perimeter and internal network security. This hybrid approach—combining automated testing with manual validation by our security specialists—allows us to provide detailed, accurate reports that are free of false positives and negatives. 



Our Vulnerability Scans are designed to be performed seamlessly. During the scanning process, we make sure your production system is functioning normally at all times—we will never hinder your organization’s activity with invasive scan procedures.



At the completion of our diligent, multi-step scanning process, MegaplanIT’s skilled consultants will compile an in-depth final scanning report that can be used across all levels of your organization. The report includes a summary of vulnerabilities, including relative risk levels and details such as the name and IP address of affected systems, the severity of vulnerability, POC (Proof of Concept), and mitigation steps. The detailed remediation advice in the report includes links to references for vendor security portals or bulletins. 


Obtain an extensive overview of current security gaps within your internal networks.


Scan for any network vulnerabilities and other issues that might arise from your firewalls and routers.


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