Strengthen Your Human Element

“Social engineers” are scam artists who employ psychological manipulation tactics in an attempt to gain access to protected information. A social engineer preys on the “human element” of your organization, such as employees or contractors who have access to your network systems, so properly training staff to identify this sort of attack scheme is crucial. 

MegaplanIT’s Social Engineering Assessment is ideal for companies who want to understand their current state of readiness and potential vulnerabilities when it comes to detecting and eliminating social engineering threats. 

Like other forms of penetration testing, the Social Engineering Assessment is designed to test established security controls and procedures by simulating a real attack—in this case, a social engineering attack. MegaplanIT’s penetration testing specialists create a targeted series of ruses that will demonstrate exactly where your organization’s weak points lie so that you can tighten your defenses and mitigate potential threats.

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Types of Social Engineering Ruses:

What’s Covered in Our Comprehensive Assessment


Email Phishing is a scam intended to steal credentials, such as usernames and passwords. Smishing has the same goal, but it is run through SMS (texting) technology.


MegaplanIT will test how your employees handle a telephone call from a "social engineer" trying to obtain unauthorized information.


Social engineers may pretend to be a service technician to obtain access to your servers. MegaplanIT works to identify high-risk areas and test all security options.


A Social Engineering Assessment will direct the focus of your ongoing security awareness training program to the departments that pose the greatest risk. 


MegaplanIT will review your current IT security policies and technical controls to determine if any areas provide opportunities for social engineers, such as a lack of ID authentication.


After the technical control assessment, MegaplanIT will provide detailed remediation options to resolve all documented network vulnerabilities.

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