Locate and Resolve Weaknesses in You App’s Security

Mobile devices, such as tablets, and smartphones run advanced applications that store and transmit data 24/7. While convenient and efficient, there is always a risk that the information could be intercepted, copied, or otherwise stolen. 

MegaplanIT's Mobile Application Security Assessment will uncover vulnerabilities in your mobile application software code and related security controls to secure your mobile apps from the ground up. During a Mobile Application Penetration Test, MegaplanIT’s experienced testers will review the application’s source code, threat models, and design documentation before performing a series of robust tests designed to emulate an attack. Once weaknesses have been revealed, you can take action to reduce some of the biggest risks associated with mobile computing and encourage good security practices across all devices.


Mobile Application Testing Process

Document review

Qualified Penetration Testers will review pertinent documents, including data process flows, security architecture, and technical designs in order to develop a specific attack strategy. 

Initial testing

MegaplanIT specialists will use the information gathered to design and conduct a series of tests to evaluate the effectiveness of targeted controls and procedures.

Repurposing attack review

Using data from the initial testing, MegaplanIT will test for repurposing attacks that could allow a malicious individual to revise or delete security mechanisms in an unorthodox way.


MegaplanIT’s consultants will next examine the client-side relationship, using tools such as Baksmali to reveal paths and shared secrets that an attacker would need in order to access the app’s web services.

Further testing

All the information obtained in earlier phases will be leveraged in this final series of targeted tests that exploit any discovered vulnerability, in order to obtain access to even more sensitive areas of the app environment or network.

Analysis and resolution

Once the thorough testing process has concluded, our security specialists will deliver a comprehensive Final Report, which offers proof of vulnerabilities and long-term mitigation strategies for each issue, to ensure the ongoing security of your mobile application.

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