Compliant Software From the Start

The process of creating or modifying software, including any models and methods used to develop the software, is referred to as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  PCI-DSS Requirement 6.3 requires companies to incorporate security controls and best practices during the SDLC process in order to maintain compliance.

MegaplanIT's SDLC process easily manages changes in your staffing and uses established development and design standards to keep your project on track. Advantages of SDLC training include the ability to monitor large projects and maintain firmer control over costs and objectives, as well as a software development process that’s both efficient and PCI-DSS-compliant.

Secure Software Development Life Cycle

MegaplanIT's Secure SDLC process will prepare any organization to successfully develop a new application or other piece of software in a timely, cost-effective, and PCI-compliant manner.


System engineering and modeling


Specific designation on how the software is to be written


System modification, configuration, installation, and basic training


MegaplanIT's proprietary tool kit tests the software using several proven methods


Hardware and network upgrades, further training, and monitoring for changes once the software is fully rolled out across an organization

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