Save Time on Your Next PCI-DSS Assessment

Does your company lack the internal staff necessary to continually evaluate controls and monitor their compliance with the appropriate regulations? When it comes to maintaining compliance, your organization can't afford to play guessing games. MegaplanIT's Ongoing Compliance Evaluation service designates skilled QSAs and Compliance Assessors to act as remote staff augmentation. 

Our expert team utilizes a proactive assessment and validation process to keep you on track all year long by recording and staying on top of any changes or additions to your systems, as well as diagnosing any issues that arise, enabling you to stay focused on your business. This means that, come assessment time, your PCI-QSA won’t have to hunt down documents to piece together the story—which will save you time and money on your assessment. 

Don’t let your next assessment catch you by surprise.
Ask us about Ongoing Compliance Evaluation today!