The growth of the internet has enabled an ever-expanding growth of cybercrime, and the associated risks are forcing most organizations to focus a greater degree of attention on information security. An effective Vulnerability Management process is vital and should be part of an organization’s effort to control information security risks.  

Our team of experts at MegaplanIT utilizes state-of-the-art, industry-leading tools and software which will support your organizational goal of achieving and maintaining compliance.


Benefits of utilizing MegaplanIT’s managed vulnerability scanning services:

Identifies security vulnerabilities/risks in a proactive and transparent manner, allowing you to implement solutions BEFORE threats can damage the integrity of your organization

Provides harmonious management of the remediation process, limiting the damage that could be inflicted by a breach

Provides a dedicated team of experts, which helps eliminate any false positives and allows your organization’s security team to stay focused on day-to-day tasks and priorities

Helps you to understand how vulnerable your critical assets are to cyber-attacks

Allows key stakeholders to effectively understand your organization’s security posture

Helps your organization achieve hassle-free compliance in an efficient manner

Internal Vulnerability Scanning
Obtain an extensive overview of current security gaps within your internal networks.
Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)
Scan for any network vulnerabilities and other issues that might arise from your firewalls and routers. Suitable for PCI-DSS 11.2, if applicable.
Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation Assistance
MegaplanIT provides 24/7/365 monitoring assisting in early detection on any vulnerabilities that pose a significant risk to your organization.

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