MegaplanIT’s managed intrusion detection system service (IDS) provides monitoring of traffic at the perimeter of your network and at critical points enabling you to detect threats as they emerge.  MegaplanIT takes a multi-layered approach to Threat and Malware Detection, providing out of the box Network-based IDS (NIDS), Host-based IDS (HIDS), Cloud IDS, and File Integrity Monitoring.


MegaplanIT includes File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) software as part of our Threat and Malware Detection service to assist your organization in satisfying PCI DSS requirements 10.5 and 11.5.

Network-based IDS (NIDS)
Monitors and analyzes network traffic to protect a system from network-based threats. It reads all inbound packets and searches for any suspicious patterns. When threats are discovered, based on its severity, the system can take action such as notifying administrators, or barring the source IP address from accessing the network.
Host-based IDS (HIDS)
Monitors any computer system on which it is installed to detect an intrusion and/or misuse, and responds by logging the activity and notifying the designated authority.
Cloud IDS
Essential for companies migrating workloads and services to public cloud infrastructure, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
File Integrity Monitoring
Used to secure IT infrastructures and business data against a wide variety of both known and unknown threats. Our lightweight FIM endpoint agent will detect any unauthorized changes to your file system and provide you with information about what exactly has changed, and who is responsible for making the change.

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