Data Breach Monitoring

MegaplanIT leverages SpyCloud to provide our clients with data breach monitoring. This solution recovers stolen credentials that are not yet visible on the deep web and protects companies from the rising tide of account takeover (ATO).


SpyCloud collects stolen data, such as account credentials, personally identifiable information, and credit card numbers, directly from threat actors and private sources. These sources cannot be scanned by automated tools or web crawlers and are not visible to other security sources. These collection methods lead to the capture of over 40 million exposed assets every week. The results are validated, analyzed, and packaged into a very user-friendly system.


SpyCloud’s solution takes minutes to activate, shows value immediately and continuously protects corporate assets and employees’ private accounts. It automates account takeover prevention using a variety of proprietary tools that take minutes to setup.

3Take Action Before the Criminals Do

Because of widespread password reuse, Account Takeover (ATO) attacks have become an extremely lucrative business for cybercriminals. Even unsophisticated threat actors can compromise a number of your customer or employee-facing accounts with little to no knowledge of traditional hacking techniques. SpyCloud helps prevent ATO with their proactive solutions.

Be the First to Know

The use of stolen credentials to break into sites isn’t particularly new or sophisticated, but it works. It’s not surprising to hear that one reused password can easily jeopardize millions of accounts. SpyCloud’s team of researchers discovers and recovers stolen credentials, then immediately notifies you when a match is found.

*Reduce your ATO exposure time from months to minutes.

Show More Than just Credentials

See specific details of how and when your company’s sensitive information has been exposed-including the type of information. Beyond credentials, our team collects and correlates a rich variety of other fields that are commonly leaked.

Get Started in Minutes

Simply enter your domains, personal email addresses, and other company information to see your historical breach exposure instantly. From that point on, SpyCloud’s research analysts will be monitoring for your assets on the underground.

Protect Your Board Members and High Profile Executives

Detect when your board members’ and high-profile executives’ personal passwords are compromised online. Prevent these passwords from being reused to gain sensitive entry to your company.

Instant Notifications

Receive instant alerts when it’s discovered that your corporate or customers’ credentials have been exposed. You can also add your team members to the notifications. You’ll see enough information to know which email or domain has been affected.

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