MegaplanITs Behavioral Monitoring gathers data to help your organization understand what is deemed “normal” system and network activity.  By using MegaplanIT’s behavior monitoring service, our clients can simplify their incident response and investigate any discovered operational issues or potential security incidents before they pose a threat.


Our network analysis session follows three basic steps:

1. Capturing packets at the appropriate location

2. Applying filters to focus on the traffic of interest

3. Reviewing and identifying any anomalies or deviations in the traffic

Service and Infrastructure Monitoring
Effective monitoring leads to improved productivity and reliability within your organization. This can help to shape your entire IT strategy by helping you to benchmark performance and better understand the future IT requirements for your business.
Netflow Data
This data provides network traffic statistics by collecting related data from enabled routers and switches. This information is then used for a variety of network management and maintenance tasks such as traffic logging, usage statistics monitoring, and anomaly detection.
Network Protocol Analysis / Packet Capture
Network analysis offers an insight into network communications to identify performance problems, locate security breaches, analyze application behavior, and perform capacity planning.

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