Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

As a Managed Security Service Provider, MegaplanIT offers a wide range of services, including Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation, Threat & Malware Detection, Behavioral Monitoring, Log Management, Monitoring, & Archiving, in addition to Consulting Services.

Our managed security solutions collect, correlate, analyze and store log data from network infrastructure, servers, applications, network devices, and endpoints in order to identify and mitigate security incidents. The utilization of these services also allows us to provide the support needed to help your organization achieve or maintain PCI-DSS Compliance.


Why Employ MegaplanIT as your Managed Security Services Provider?

As security threats continue to become more commonplace in the work environment, many organizations are utilizing a Managed Security Services Provider to reinforce their in-house security operations in a manner that is both reliable and cost-effective. MegaplanIT’s goal is to become a long-term partner for your organization, working as an extension of your company’s internal security team and providing 24/7 monitoring of your environment. This enables us to detect any threats or malicious activity and notify your organization immediately, allowing you to respond and take steps to mitigate each threat. In addition, MegaplanIT provides comprehensive investigation on discovered security incidents and threats and provides assistance in accelerating your threat response and reducing risk for your organization.

MegaplanIT Managed Security Services, Response, and Client Collaboration

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Managed Services Combined with Professional Services

MegaplanIT's Managed Security Services works hand in hand our Professional Services team to provide extra value and insight to compliance standards

Managed Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
Threat and Malware Detection
Log Management, Monitoring, & Archive
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Threat Intelligence
Server / Service availability
Network Intrusion Detection
Host IDS
Host Configuration Management
File Integrity Monitoring

Professional Services

Threat and Malware Detection
Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
Penetration Testing
Incident Response
Malware Analysis/Reverse Engineering

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