The Path to Achieving Your PA-DSS Report on Validation

Identity theft is a chief consumer concern. Is your customers’ information safe in your hands?

PCI-DSS 3.2 went into full effect in April 2015, which means that every organization that stores or processes cardholder data must now fully comply with the new standards. At MegaplanIT, we have a keen understanding of the challenges many businesses face when updating their systems to meet these more stringent regulations. Our expert PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) team specializes in keeping our clients' data environments fully up to date. We'll guide you through the differences between PCI-DSS standards and keep your business compliant by regularly testing and updating all controls and devices within your cardholder environment.

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The Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) is a definitive data standard for payment applications, which include any software or hardware that stores, processes, or transmits electronic credit card data. POS devices (such as Verifone or Aloha) and e-commerce website apps (such as CRE Loaded or osCommerce) are all in scope for a PA-DSS assessment.

Whatever form your payment applications take, safeguarding sensitive payment data is a top priority.

  • Application Security
  • Application Code Review
  • Threat Modeling
  • Security Development Lifecycle Integration
  • Application Security-related training


Partner with the MegaplanIT team and relax knowing that your payment application environment is secure.

How it Works:

Project scope and data collection

Your PA-QSA will schedule a series of calls to obtain a high-level overview of your payment app environment, which allows MegaplanIT to determine the scope of the project and identify which documents must be collected.

Data gathering, review, and analysis

Your PA-QSA will evaluate all documentation against the PA-DSS and PCI-DSS requirements and identify security gaps.

Application penetration testing

MegaplanIT will conduct network penetration testing within a secure lab environment that targets selected payment applications to identify vulnerabilities.

On-site visit

Your PA-QSA will make an on-site visit to your critical payment environment to collect follow-up evidence and validate which security controls are in place and compliant.

MegaplanIT QA cycle

Your PA-QSA will then submit the draft Report on Validation to MegaplanIT's Director of Compliance Services for review, and the Quality Assurance lead will ensure all findings are in accordance with PA-DSS.

Deliver final Report on Validation

Your final Report on Validation will be sent to your team for review and your PA-QSA will schedule a meeting (either on-site or remote) to discuss the findings or points of interest within the report.

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